Doing Business Since 1982

About Us

We established back in December 1982 and have been providing the best customer service around since then.  We specialize in Lehigh Valley, Erie, Lackawanna and Area Logging & Mining Railroads, ie; Barclay, Laquin, W&NB, S&NY, etc.  The Sayre Hobby Shop reorders stock and new hobby items 3-5 times a week and daily during the Christmas season.  Restock time is 24-72 hours on available items.  We've also have built 106 train layouts since 1994 and in doing so we have made every hobby construction mistake there is so that you do not have too!!

On April 8th 2011 we introduced a top quality line of 100% cotton railroad t-shirts.  These shirts are produced in Williamsport, PA exclusively for the Sayre Hobby Shop.  These shirts have be every train lovers dream!!  We've been placing orders ever since. 

Remember what Henry David Thoreau said:
"Build Castles in the Air, then put Foundations Under them."

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