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Here are some how to ideas that are low cost.

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Bob Huber's 5 Window Rumble Seat Coupe

The idea here was to graft the this 5 window top to a roadster body. The cowl of the roadster had to be removed to allow the coupe top and cowl to set into place. The front edges of the roadster body also had to be scribed on the inside and bent outward to match the new cowl contours. While discussing this project it was decided to add a slight rake to the roof line be raising up the back of the coupe top and filling the gap with Goldberg super glue and kicker. We added scotch tape across the gap between the two parts on the outside of the body to save as much filing and sanding as possible. Then kicker was placed on the tape from the inside of the body and super glue followed. It set up in a 5-6 minutes and we were able to remove the tape and cut all the widow openings larger. Now for some local primer and sanding on the new clear body patch. "Film at Eleven."
Adding Louvers to a Model Car


Cut up a #247 Evergreen 1/4 round strip into 3/16 pieces. Draw a center line for the louvers on the part (this being a rumble seat cover) and set a cut evergreen piece on the part and secure it in place with a touch of Tenex liquid glue to it's base. You have a little time to square up the louver with a fine set of tweesers before the glue sets. Caution--This can be addictive. I placed 334 louvers on a 36 Ford 2 door Phaeton's deck lid, fenders, hood, splash aprons, etc. I use a small flat file to shape the corners of the louvers when they are all applied. Well worth the effort to learn this technique. Remember to "Slow down to go faster"

Inexpensive Tunnel Portals - Any Scale

Another great low cost idea that looks real!

Making Cents of a Log Cabin

A low cost way to make a log cabin that looks real!

Wood retaining wall Made of Foam

Wood retaining wall - NOT! Just a #2 pencil and foam.

Light Weight Bridge






Edging for a Train Layout




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